Customized Financial Solutions

Clarity. Confidence. Capability.


Immediate goal:  

To listen to a client’s issues and design an approach that is customized to meet their goals.

Customized Foundation:

Highly Specialized Team of Advanced Planning Attorneys and Specialty Niche Advisors provide Retirement Planning and Estate Planning Analysis.


Investors’ Next Steps:  

  • Pursue higher returns while seeking to actively manage the risks that come with equity investing 

  • Create Wealth, Income Distribution and Principal Protection.

Creative Solutions for Individuals, Small Businesses and Professional Groups.

Provide Complimentary Reviews and Analysis

Simple Step by Step Customized Strategies to enable a more secure and efficient long term plan

  • Succession Planning
  • Exit Strategies
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Qualified and Non Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Portability, Cash Value and Death Benefit
  • Tax Saving Alternatives
  • Buy Sell Agreements and Key Man

Retirement Income Planning​

You have spent a lifetime working and saving for you and your family. Like most people, you worked hard to create wealth for the future. We can help you to create a retirement strategy that will give you income for the lifetime of your retirement.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be used to ensure that there is enough money to replace any lost Social Security or other retirement income. We believe life insurance should be the foundation of a solid retirement plan, especially if your loved ones are depending upon your retirement income.


One strategy often used with clients is to secure guaranteed lifetime income for a portion of their assets with an annuity. In exchange for a lump sum or a series of premium payments, the insurance company promises a steady, guaranteed stream of income for as long as you live.

Estate Planning

Everything you own or have ever worked for makes up your estate. Our team of attorneys and advisors evaluate your estate planning needs and we work to make sure those wishes are followed.
Welcome the opportunity to have a discussion and help direct you to the next steps toward financial wellness.

Long-Term Care

LTC insurance is needed in a retirement strategy so LTC costs eat away your retirement nest egg or place an undue burden on your family. To help cover potential long-term care expenses, we help our clients find long-term care insurance that works for their needs.

Holistic Financial Hygiene approach with Client Centric Solutions.

Everything you own or have ever worked for makes up your estate. Our team of attorneys and advisors evaluate your estate planning needs and we work to make sure those wishes are followed.

  • Estate and Retirement Planning
  • Generating Income for Retirement
  • Preserving Wealth
  • Complimentary Annuity and Life Insurance Reviews
  • Defined Benefit Plans for Companies
  • Non Qualified Retirement Plans



Meet Our president

Pamela J. Bakos is President of PJB Financial Solutions specializing in Wealth Creation, Retirement Distributions. and Principal Protection.

Pamela J. Bakos

Pamela has spent over 30 years advising clients while affiliated with Winslow Evans & Crocker, A.G. Edwards, Paine Webber, Dean Witter and LF Rothschild. She has conducted in-house Retirement Planning seminars in companies throughout New England.

Pamela is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and has been an active volunteer in her community.  She served five years on the Board of Ellevate Network Boston’s Chapter, a Global Organization, whose mission is to cultivate and inspire women’s success. Pamela is also a member of Women in ETFs. She is a past Trustee and Overseer of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and has held positions on the Patron Steering Committee, Overseer Mentoring Committee, Education Task Force and the Patron Council Task Force Steering Committee at the Museum, and was Chairperson of the MFA Council.  Pamela also volunteered at the Peabody Essex Museum on The Young Leadership Council and has held positions as an Advisory Board Member and as a Membership Chairperson. Pamela has also been a member of the Board of Directors for The North Shore Community College Foundation, Inc.

Specialty:  Customizing Client Centric Solutions for Healthy Financial Hygiene 

Pamela brings in her Advanced Planning Attorneys and Specialty Niche Advisors to provide extensive Retirement Planning and Estate Analysis to find the best solutions for individual and business needs.

This approach entails simple step by step strategies to enable a more secure and efficient long term plan.